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Annie Gibbins is the CEO and Founder of Lipstick Consulting and brings with her extensive senior management experience and qualifications in health education and business. She is a passionate business and life coach who works with individuals, groups, companies and leaders to thrive in their circumstance. Annie’s clients achieve their visions and goals by ensuring their values are supported by positive and supportive belief systems and stories.

Annie has been married to James for 30 years and is also the mother of 5 adult children including 2 sets of twins 26 months apart! She is known as an expert in the challenges of career building around family life, leveraging personal branding in a digital world, juggling work-life pressures and looking after yourself.

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accountability | challenge | choice | clarity | empowerment | encouragement | energy | experience | feedback | fresh perspective | focus | freedom | fulfilment | growth | guidance | happiness | health | ideas| inspiration | positive mind-set | purpose | motivation | results | role modelling | simplification | strategy | success | support | time | vision | wisdom | wellness



“I met Annie a few years ago and immediately felt attracted to her positive attitude to life and endless energy. To share walks, trainings and trips with Annie is an absolute pleasure. She is always happy, positive and ready to give a hand or share her skills in an unpretentious way. Annie is not afraid to be who she is, share this with others or go up against the big guns. Dream big, go for it, she’s got this! Annie is professional on her training and in training others, but above all she is a whole human being. For all of the above she is an inspiration for me.”

– Ilda Wade

“Annie is a motivated and passionate individual full of energy and always looking for the next challenge and adventure. This mantra is driven across both her personal and business worlds and is clearly observed. Her energy is infectious and motivates one to become more involved. She has a clear vision and improving and driving education in the Ultrasound space is key. Being a part of this vision is inspirational and motivational. Annie has the business acumen and personal attributes to formulate a business strategy and lead an organisation to success”

– Greg Luck, Country Managing Director at FUJIFILM SonoSite, Inc

“Annie was great to work with during her time at ASUM. I always appreciated her professionalism and approachability. She took the time to meet our team and always wanted to understand our objectives. Often we wanted to tailor our sponsorship packages and offerings to suit our own needs. She always obliged and worked with us to achieve this. After working with so many different societies and event organisations, it was refreshing to have this approach”

– Sarah Leverett Global Product Marketing Manager at FUJIFILM SonoSite, Inc.

“I have been working with Annie Gibbins over the past several years as in the development of the Toshiba / ASUM partnership. Her vision and passion for her job is inspirational. Further to this Annie’s insight into the ultrasound community has enabled both ASUM and Toshiba to do and deliver some exceptional educational offerings to the AUST/NZ sonographers”

– Robert Petersen National Ultrasound Manager AUST/NZ Toshiba Medical

“Annie as a team leader and facilitator has the ability to passionately engage others whilst delegating clear goals and expectations, concurrently never shying away from setting herself high deliverables back to the team in return”

– Kevin Potter GE Healthcare Business Associate

“I had the pleasure of working with Annie in my capacity as a Councillor of the Australasian Society for Ultrasound in Medicine. She impressed me as a CEO who brought energy, dynamism and great organisational skills to her role. She was able to galvanise loyalty and commitment from her management team and did so by leading from the front”

– Dr Philip Hung Councillor Australasian Society for Ultrasound in Medicine

“Annie is a dynamic leader who is highly effective as ASUM’s Chief Executive Officer. Annie’s strengths include change management, relationship development and strategic planning. Annie continues to lead a growing team and excels at leveraging employees’ strengths to meet organisational goals while create a fulfilling and rewarding work culture”

– Tanya Carleton, Education Manager, Australasian Society of Ultrasound in Medicine

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