M.Ed. Grad.Dip.Ed. B.Hlth.Sc MAICD, CertIII Fitness

My Story

As a CEO, wife, mother, recognised key-note speaker and passionate mentor, it is true to say that I thrive on challenge and growth – in and outside of the boardroom. Growing up on the Northern Beaches of Sydney I was a happy child with a cheeky demeanour who suffered life threatening asthma which prevented me from most sporting opportunities. After numerous hospital admissions when I nearly died, I came to the conclusion that I must be ‘allergic to exercise’ which also meant I would never be ‘one of those skinny girls’ who were destined for greatness thanks to their blessed genetics.

When I finished school I married my childhood sweetheart James and trained to become a registered nurse. By the time I was 25 I had birthed 2 sets of twins, 26 months apart, which was life changing in every possible way. Amongst the breastfeeding, chronic sleep deprivation, nappies, mess and tantrums, I somehow managed to continue working as a nurse part-time and completed a Graduate Diploma of Education which enabled me to become a nurse educator.

Over the next decade, my desire for more education and professional development led me to complete a Masters of Education which was extremely satisfying and anchored me as a leader in the health education sector, specifically for the Australian Orthopaedic Association. My next challenge was to become a business woman and considering only 17% of CEO’s are women and I had a tribe of children to raise, it was an ambitious dream. I equipped myself by completing the Australian Institute of Company Directors and Lean Six Sigma Greenbelt qualifications and was fortunate to gain my first CEO position for the Australasian Society for Ultrasound in Medicine. For over ten years I held senior executive positions and now have extensive experience and insight leading Boards to organisational transformation and success. With my ability to enhance team performance and identify organisational challenges, I am a regular key note speaker on maximising personal and professional potential and performance, work-life balance, gender diversity, capitalising on synergistic opportunities by encouraging future thinking, innovation, growth mindset and harnessing a vibrant impact culture.

Over the years my asthma ‘miraculously’ abated and I have also become a keen adventure enthusiast. Whether it be trekking to Everest Base Camp, walking the 60km Coastrek or finishing the 50km Ultra-trail in the Blue Mountains, I have found my true passion and happy place is in nature. I find outdoor fitness and challenging wilderness adventures are the best way to decompress the demands of my modern life and keep me smiling all day long.

Lipstick Consulting was created from a personal passion to coach women to THRIVE in business and life and thus provide an opportunity for women to be affirmed and supported as they journey through life. When thinking of a business name, I was reminded of the impact a little swipe of Lipstick had on me when I was trekking in the Himalayas at 5500M. On the days I felt tired or exhausted a little ‘lippy’ made me look and feel just that little bit better. If there was one piece of ‘light, empowering, fake it til you make it camouflage that I could carry in my pocket it was my Lipstick. Did I need it NO, did I appreciate it YES, and I’m not even a makeup kind of girl! My revelation showed me we all need that little bit of empowerment, support and confidence and how that looks will be different to every woman of the world. Plus, wine, cheese and chocolate always help to the complete the package:)

Lipstick Consulting will leave a life changing legacy of empowering women to access their purpose driven power to achieve meaningful life goals and smash self doubt and perceived fear by catapulting themselves out of their comfort zone to see what they are truly capable of.

I can’t wait to share in the many and varied stories of inspiration, perspiration and true grit determination as we journey together in the years ahead.

Annie Gibbins
CEO Lipstick Consulting


Contact Me If:

  • You need motivation and support to start or progress your journey
  • You need a personal cheer leader who believes in you
  • You need an honest accountability partner
  • You are ready to reflect, learn and grow + make big hairy audacious goals
  • You’d like an experienced mentor to share insights and experiences with you
  • You want a sounding board to help you make key decisions
  • You genuinely desire to go to the next level and are ready to embrace change