As I journey through another busy year, I am more passionate than ever to make sure 2017 is a year that counts in ALL the right ways.

A year of triple achievement! 

It will be the year to celebrate my 30th wedding anniversary, my 50th Birthday and my 5th and last child finishing the HSC. 2017 will therefore be a year worth celebrating and reflecting on years gone by, while looking forward to the exciting years ahead.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank my mentors and colleagues for being so dedicated, hard working, inspiring, motivated and fun. Being a change management CEO has not been an easy road to travel (especially for change resisters or obstructers) so I sincerely appreciate your ongoing support, advice and regular reality checks! Thank you for accepting me for the passionate, quirky, creative, high energy, tenacious woman that I am. It’s a wonderful privilege to be allowed to grow in an environment which is rich and vibrant. It also makes it more conducive to regular pruning – yes we all need it and yes it always hurts. After all we never really fail, we just win, achieve more or learn how to do better next time.

I’m excited that 2017 will be a year that brings the opportunity to dream big, plan well, work hard, push comfort zones and face fears. For all of us, it’s a time to chase the things that matter (personally and professionally) and let go of what doesn’t make us smile, laugh and eagerly jump out of bed in the morning.

3 questions I ask myself regularly.

  1. What have I most enjoyed doing (personally and professionally) which has improved my quality of life and those around me? Why? How can I plan to do more of this?
  2. What have I least enjoyed doing (personally and professionally) which has not improved my quality of life and those around me? Why? How can I plan to do less of this?
  3. What have I always wanted to do and not yet done? Why not? What planning needs to be done to make this happen?

Remember – if it’s not in your daily/weekly routine it probably won’t happen

When I wake up every morning I strive to feel passionate about life. There are limitless opportunities to enjoy and work towards, so why not spend time striving to be the best version of yourself. Don’t waste time on negative distractions, they zap your energy and spirit and you almost always wish you quit them earlier in retrospect. All that we really need to thrive is an environment which is diverse, positive, values people, innovation, hard work and creative ideas. It’s OK to be a little different, it’s also more than OK to have some fun along the way!

Aim high and don’t settle

Let 2017 be a year which allows dreams and ideas to come to life. Be a forward thinker and make plans for important things to happen. Share your enthusiasm with others and support each other as individual and team goals are achieved. This collaborative thinking could even lead you into new terrain which is often not as scary as you think, you might even like it!

Let 2017 be a year where you strive for the things which matter.

Health & Fitness, Family & Friends, Career challenge and Business growth, Charity and Community, Personal growth….

Be kind to others, smile more, have fun and dream big. Enjoy the Journey and Adventure that lies ahead in 2017.

Annie Gibbins

Lipstick CEO