Step1. Become more aware of your inner voice (fixed mindset)

Whenever we approach a fresh new challenge, our inner voice springs into action. Our fixed mindset has honed its pattern of reactive behaviour of reviewing known knowledge, skills and attributes and usually becomes self protective if threatened. This voice might state something like “Are you crazy”, “What were you thinking”, “What makes you think you can do it”, “How can you be sure you can do it”, “What if you fail”, “What if you embarrass yourself”, “What if people laugh at you”, “What if it damages your reputation”……

This negative self talk can lead you to thinking “If I don’t do it, I’ll protect myself and possibly others”, surely this is a good thing.

Result: Fear of failure wins! Nothing changes, growth is inhibited, no learning occurs.

Step 2. Don’t give in too easily

As we try to push through our fixed mindset advice and give it a go, the voice appears to get louder and more demanding “what did I tell you, you are not up to it”, “oh for goodness sake, leave it to someone who knows what they are actually doing”, “quit now before you do more damage, this could get a whole lot worse”, “It’s my fault, now everyone knows how inept I am”…….

When constructive feedback occurs it is easy to take it as criticism and respond defensively by shifting blame onto anyone and everything but yourself.

Result: Fear of failure is challenged.

  • A fixed mindset says “It’s not my fault, they did not help me”. A refreshed mindset says “I need to take responsibility for my actions and learn from my experiences. No pain no gain!”

Step 3. Harness the power to challenge negative self talk

How we respond to new challenges which are out of our comfort zone is actually a choice. You can choose to keep the status quo or you can choose to grow new skills and abilities. It’s up to you and only you.

  • A fixed mindset says “are you crazy”. A refreshed mindset says “I don’t know if I am crazy but I see other presumably normal people giving it a go, we can’t be all mad”.
  • A fixed mindset says “what were you thinking”. A refreshed mindset says “I don’t know if I am capable of this but I am going to give it my best shot”.
  • A fixed mindset says “how can you be sure you can do it” A refreshed mindset says “if I don’t fully succeed this time, I’ll certainly be heading in the right direction and definitely much closer that I am now”.
  • A fixed mindset says “You are going to fail and feel embarrassed” A refreshed mindset says “if I don’t try I will definitely fail, plus I wont learn how to do better next time”.

Result: Fear of failure is proactively confronted and it doesn’t feel good.

Step 4. Encourage your refreshed ‘Growth Mindset’ to gradually transition into become your future ‘Fixed Mindset’.

If you choose to proactively take on a growth mindset amazing things can happen

  • your key performance indicators will skyrocket as you are more confident and capable of taking calculated risks which enhance strategic directions.
  • you can climb to the top of a mountain and jump for joy at seeing spectacular views only visible to ‘the lucky ones’.
  • you can lose unnecessary weight and get that toned body you want so you feel great in (and out) of your clothes and reduced your current and future health risks.
  • you will be more fun and interesting to be around:)

Result: Fear of failure is overcome!!!

I can‘ is so much better than ‘I can’t’ – I challenge you to give it a go and let me know how it works for you.

Annie Gibbins

Lipstick CEO