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What does the Program include?

Online access to the ‘Transform your life’ program including:

  • 6 x Weekly training videos 
  • 6 x Weekly practical exercises and resources
  • 6 x Weekly Live Group Coaching with Q&A 

Week 1

Topic Identifying your limiting belief systems

Action Delve beyond symptoms to find the root cause of issues

Week 2

Topic Identifying key truths which radically shift your reality 

Action Challenge core beliefs and commence unleashing your true purpose, passion and power 

Week 3

Topic Convincing your mind to accept a new story

Action Explore the key ingredient to gaining control of your mind

Week 4

Topic Activating your daily mind shift rituals

Action Explore simple and effective ways to convince your mind to accept new belief systems

Week 5

Topic Looking through a new lens of clarity to gain freedom

Action Unleash your true power by viewing life from a fresh perspective

Week 6

Topic  Celebrating the evidence of permanent mindset change 

Action Acknowledge daily examples of how your new mindset results in positive change

Feel like freeing yourself from limiting belief systems?

Key Life Pillars

Self – Health – Relationships – Wealth – Business – Spirituality

In all of your business and life situations you are feeling, interpreting, reacting, choosing, deciding, behaving, speaking and taking action.

What is the common denominator in all of your key life interactions? YOU!

Does this sound a little or a lot like you?

  • I am stuck in bad habits, or patterns of inaction, or ineffective action
  • I try to create positive change but seem to keep treading water
  • I am experiencing problems with reaching performance expectations and can’t figure out how to breakthrough
  • I have recurring negative thoughts and negative self-talk
  • I am tired of getting caught up in difficult feelings without a way to deal with it effectively
  • I uncover issues I don’t know how to address and repeat patterns of behaviour that I know don’t serve me well
  • I automatically react negatively to people, situations and circumstances
  • I feel that I’m actually holding myself back somehow and it’s time to get out of my own way?
  • I am ready to find and unleash my inner strength, take control of my life and reclaim my freedom
  • I am 100% focussed on getting kickass tangible results in ALL areas of my life?
Two questions you could ask yourself are:

Am I in charge of my life or is my life in charge of me?

If I continue my day to day patterns of behaviour, will I achieve the future I strongly desire?

Let the person you are start to shine in your circumstance

  • Have fun and smile
  • Be filled with genuine positive energy which attaches more positive energy
  • Be active, consistent and persistent in smashing your goals
  • Be liberated by living will healthy beliefs that support success in all areas of your life
  • Feel uplifted, powerful and confident as you navigate your business and life
  • Enjoy all the most important “selfies” – self-love, self-acceptance, self-belief, self-confidence, self-esteem and self-assurance
  • Feel equipped to detach from part hurts and strengthened to embrace the future
  • Face challenges and opportunities with power, passion and grace
  • Feel inspired and motivated to bounce back every day
  • Believe, think, feel and act in ways that entirely support a positive and fulfilling life.